Category: Networks & Security

Wifi or Ethernet—Or Both?

In an increasingly mobile world, you may be wondering what kind of network is best for your St. Louis organization. Should you opt for the security of a wired network or the flexibility of wireless? Read our tips below to gain some clarity. Wired Network Pros and Cons Wired networks offer the gold standard when… Read more

Tap Into the Power of Mobile Printing

If you’ve ever missed a deadline or opportunity because you couldn’t print a document when you needed it, you know how valuable it is to have anytime/anywhere access to printers. Fortunately, technology has delivered mobile printing access to anyone with network access. If you’re not sure how mobile printing works or why your St. Louis… Read more

Don’t Fall Victim to a CEO Email Scam

While we have nothing good to say about scammers, we have to admit to a certain grudging admiration for their creativity. The tech industry no sooner figures out how to circumvent the latest scam when a new one shows up. Their latest scheme to defraud businesses out of their hard-earned money—the so-called CEO Email Scam—has… Read more